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So, today I demoed the software I've been working on for... well, the better part of five months... to the guy from the business who is kinda the client, kinda the sponsor.

It went... Ok.

I don't know how many of you work in software, but I had what is probably a familiar experience. I've been working on this project kinda from the bottom up, building some basic bits of it. I've also only really worked on certain parts of - even though I'm really the only developer on it. Anyway, today, I wanted to show off some of my work to this guy. And made the disturbing discovery that what he thinks the product is is not what I think it is, and more that I don't really know how to use it.

That's often the way software works - I know how to develop for it, how to customise it and how to install it, but I don't actually know how to use it... And that the "sponsors" of the project are far more interested in using it in ways I hadn't predicted.

It hasn't help that the guy who had a lot to do with getting this going and has more of an idea than me of how the whole thing fits together has been sick for the better part of the last month. He's is not a well guy. It also doesn't help that we had three different consultants, from the same company, come in and work on chunks of it. They've all approached it a bit differently, and I've wasted a pile of time just trying to reverse engineer what they were actually trying to achieve. Plus there are actually parts of it no one is really sure about, mostly things done by the consultants which none of us really understands.

(This project is something we're building on top of something called Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management. My faith in Microsoft, which was never high, has been eroded further by this product. It is, to use some technical jargon, a piece of shit. Seriously, a pain in the butt which I will detail more in another post...)

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Ugh, and while you do that, our software engineering projects are nearing submission date (come to the exhibition when they're done!) and, although I'm supposed to be lead coder and core on the testing team, I have been relegated to animation work on our promotional video. Apparently I am useless when it comes to coding and testing. I fail.

Welcome fellow nerd.

Wait... Your project has a promotional video? Weird.

For said exhibition. There's this thing where all the 3rd and 4th year projects go on display.

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