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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More Gardening With A Spoon And A Drill
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
I live in a relatively tiny flat. So my garden has to be on a similar scale. A while ago, about three years in fact, I got some tiny miniature cactuses in six little pots, each about the size of my thumb. Some time after this, I felt sorry for them, so I made some new pots for them from some old tea cups I had lying around.

Now, to make a teacup into a pot for a plant, it needs a hole in the bottom so the water can drain. This can be easily achieved - if you have a drill and a drill bit specificity for Masonite. I have such a drill bit! The first time around, I used my dad's hand drill, with some success. And some bruising.

This time, I borrowed a cordless drill from one o' the members of my family. Even so, there was this one bastard of a cup which drained the battery when I tried drilling through it. I'd already made something of a dent in it last time around, but damn, they made that little cup with the flowers pretty damn tough.

Anyway, made me at least three new pot plant cups, and repotted the three little cacti into separate cups so they'd stop crowding each other. To quote Deb "How fucking cute!!!!"

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I used to have three tiny cacti. I managed to kill two (not on purpose).

I wonder if the other one is still alive, I haven't checked it for about a year...

Egad, how did you kill a cactus? Surely they can survive long enough for even the most forgetful nerd to finally remember that they own a plant. That's how mine get by. That and rain.

One of them died from lack of water. The other one drowned (I blame this on my father).

It's always your parents fault isn't it? :-)

He filled it up with water! You don't fill cactus canisters up with water!

I have some succulents that aren't doing too well right now...

And I love teacups as pot-plants. A place in Canberra sells them with mini native orchids and also mini African violets inside. v.cute!
Go, you, DIY man :D

I need more plants. I was thinking of starting a square foot of lawn :-)

I use a drill about once a year. Me and tools don't get along well. There's often bruising, cuts, blisters etc.

I've bought a stack of plants while HB's been away - one for indoors, some for the veggie garden, some for near the fence, and my new little garden that I've blogged.

a square foot would be nice and cool under your feet in summer!

Are these plants that he wouldn't otherwise let you acquire? :-)

the indoor plant, perhaps... but he knew I was planning on putting in a tree while he was gone :)

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