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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More Dreams
Krazy Kat
OK, some of the dreams I had last night.

I was at a theatre. Henry Rollins was there.... doing performance art. There was a wall of windows mounted on the front of the stage, and the stage was about knee deep in sawdust. The performance seemed to take place mostly in silence, but everyone was interested none the less. Every now and then the performance would pause and go onto a new section. When this happened, he grabbed members of the audience to help him out. I got involved at one point, but mostly all I had to do was sit around in a mock living room thing. Oh, did I mention this fun detail - Henry Rollins was wearing weight lifting pants, you know, like the one's they wear at the Olympics...

The second dream (that I can remember). I was in Geelong - not my favourite place in the world - where somehow I'd ended with my bike... And my cat. It's not entirely clear how we got there, me and the cat, I think I'd ridden my bike, and Marvin, the cat, had got there under his own steam perhaps. Anyway, it was time to take my leave, I said good bye to my mother, who I had been visiting, and then tried to work out how to get home. I had to ride my bike, but somehow also take the cat... I had no box for him, and had no idea how I was going to take him on my bike! So ended up in one of those dream situations, where somehow you can't complete a simple task. In this case, I was trying to put on my socks then pack up my bike and get going, but somehow I couldn't quite make it work!

I had another dream, which was equally odd, but I can't remember it now...