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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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My Week
Tram In Snow
Saw Rod Quantock tonight at Trades Hall. Seems he's been performing for forty years. The man is a national treasure. He had an easy time during the Kennett years, when said premier provided so much material!

Which caused me to go find this:

He went over some of his history of performing, curiously not mentioning "Australia, You're Standing In It", a mighty funny show in its day....

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I find Rod Quantock (oh how I wish for such a surname) too abrasively camped in left-wing politics to seek out.

That said, every good memory I have of Moomba is nothing without him there running around.

Captain Snooze will not be mentioned.

My white guilt compels me to say that I'd not played the youtube before making the above comment (although did watch the moronie one the other day).

He is a rampaging lefty, but I like that in my comedians. Having said that, I'm struggling to think of a right wing comedian....

Weirdly, I knew him as Rod before I realised he was doing ads. I think my television was stuck on channel 2 for most of my childhood...

I can't prescribe to left/right binary as it seems like a naturally created deception/over-simplification which I believe is now being used to keep people ignorant of the nuances of politics, and the existence of other schools of thought. Hence I cannot appreciate it (also, I plain don't like pigeon holing). This causes me to have trouble with anyone so firmly self-labeled in either camp. I also believe it leads to group-think, and assumptions of authority/hierarchy (eg. THIS person is better, and should have a higher rank, as they 'fit' this school's ideal better: See Obama and McCain).

But that's probably just me, and I will probably use the terms in the future for brevity's sake - then kick myself for perpetuating the myth.

Sometimes it's clear. For example, Pauline Hansen is an evil right wing fuck. While Tony Benn is a rampaging socialist.

Actually, it's often pretty damn clear now that I think about it. I can't think of anyone from the "middle of the road" who doesn't come across as a bit damn wishy-washy. Although you do get cases like poor old Peter Garrett who has clearly sold his soul...

I think the Chaser team are fairly middle of the road, in that they don't seem to find their job any more difficult whom ever or what ever in in power or at play.

They strike me as full common sense in that way.

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