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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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My Month In Pictures
I was downloading pictures off my phone the other night, and I realised they give a pretty good summary of my month. So here goes.

(Click on 'em for bigger versions.)

Deb wears my Kimono thing:

Marvin refuses to drink water from anywhere other than this:

Are We Not Men? We are DEVO:

(I really need a real camera...)


More aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart:

Marvin in a classic cat pose:

Marvin's new bed:

(Crazy cat lady, anyone?)

A rainbow I saw from my window:

Another view of the rainbow. Note faint second rainbow!:

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the week in solid state images.
yes, i live on. i flirted with facebook, and then wander back to livejournal like that ex-girlfriend you cant quite shift.
how's tricks?
life is busy and crazy and very very jungian here. i'm drinking white wine and watching conan. will try for an actual lj post at some point. i doubt i will resist getting completely plonked (i do have the new keanu movie, street kings, and a pile of 80s horror so its inevitable really) and writing up some incomprehensible diatribe at some point.

I should do some more ljing. After I finish uploading pictures of my cat to Facebook :-)

Are we friends on said social networking site????

i'm not sure, i dont know who half the people are on my friends list there lol.
i think i'm under Ben Buckingham.

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