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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Geek Hierarchy
The Dynamism of a Dog on a Lead
I was delighted to re-locate the long-lost Geek Hierarchy (larger PDF version here). Also delighted to realise I don't fit any of the categories on it.

Well, that's not entirely true. I do occasionally watch Anime, and I prefer it with sub-titles. But I'm not a major fan by any means, in fact of late it's been shitting me. And I used to read Heinlein, before I realised he was crap.

If I realised it was originally from Brunching Shuttlecocks, I'd have found it sooner. I was a big fan of that site in its day...

Which also reminds me, Bandwidth Theatre is still up and running. It makes me somewhat nostalgic that when it was created the animations where considered quite taxing to one's internet connection. Now they download in less than five seconds... Hmmmm, broadbandy...