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Bad Kitty
Drawing of a trike
My flat was inspected today by the Fascists, I mean, the real estate agents. I hid all the cat stuff - the scratching posts are in my car. My genius idea to hide the cat: let him outside to play.

Of course, I didn't bargain on him spotting the real estate agent, and trying to sneak in when she openned the door! I guess it was cold out...

So I got a phone call "Do you know anything about this big black and white cat?"
Which black and white cat? Oh, yeah, him...

Told her I was looking after him for some friends who are overseas, which is technicaly correct. Just didn't tell her they've more or less moved there, so Marvin is for all intents and purposes mine.

Next time I'll have to send him on a littl holiday *slaps head* Hopefully there's no coniquences...

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Heh, I love the description. "big black and white cat" ftw!

That's a pretty good description. She left out "bitey".

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