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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Not the sort of Contest You Want To Win
Drawing of a trike
I won a "who is the bigger nerd" contest over the weekend by pointing out that I have an RFID tag tattoo on my leg. Eep.

These contests are simple. One meets another nerd and says "I'm a bigger nerd than You are!" and they say "Oh yeah? Prove it!" Apparently owning Macintoshes loses you points....

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Having said that, I'm not using one regularly.

Photo of said tattoo pls? :)

Ask and yee shall recieve:

Also if you look for the tag "tattoo" on my blog, there are a few more entries about it.

Yeah that does beg to be ink. Nice :)

Just thought i'd like it here directly

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