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Somewhat Delayed Gym Entry
Hey, some weeks back I promised to write an entry about my now decade-long dedication to being a gym bunny. So here goes.

As of June/July, I have been lifting weights for ten years. Although it was really only in about 2000/2001 that I started going really routinely. Before that it was once or twice a week, all a bit haphazard. Then, I broke up with a woman called Leigh, who I had known since high school, and found myself with more spare time. So I decided to head to the gym three times week, some of that just cardo.

But backing up a little. The first gym I ever joined was at RMIT in 1998, which was well after I should have graduated. I kept working out there while I worked in the city at Ticketmaster, until I eventually decided that the gym in the Brunswick pool was closer to home.

In fact, in that ten years, I've only actually been a member of four gyms. RMIT, Brunswick Baths, Northcote, and Southport, which was on the sea shore in Port Melbourne, when I lived down that way in 2004.

I tried to take some photos of my biceps etc. (Vanity? I don't know what you mean :-P ) but they came out crap - pictures of hairy spotty arms and even hairier pecs! So I'll spare you the sight of them. Suffice to say, I do have biceps, I swear.

OK, can't quite remember where I was going with this. So I'll just make a random list of all the other gyms I've been to, in no particular order:

* The gym in the Melbourne Aquatic Centre.
* A gym in Newcastle, possibly "Kings", when I was there for work once
* Newtown gym in Sydney, still remember the faux pas I committed when I said I wasn't going to be in town for Mardis Gras!
* A gym on a park in Adelaide
* Another Gym, on the seventh floor of a building in the centre of Adelaide. Might have been there twice.

I've been a member at Northcote on two separate occasions. I was going to look for a new gym, but recently they've more than doubled the size of it, and bought a whole pile of new equipment.


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