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Officially No Longer House Hunting
Einstürzende Neubauten
I've thrown in the towel on the whole house moving idea. We've been looking on and off for nearly six months, ex-housemate Barbara and I. And, fuck it, I've had enough. Even over the last couple of months we've watched rents go up and up. It's just got to the point where, even sharing a house, I wouldn't be able to find a place as nice as this flat for less money.

That housing crisis is for real, I can attest. When I moved into this place - one bedroom flat in in Northcote with an ace view - I perceived it as being quite expensive. This was in early 2005. At that stage the rent I was paying had doubled in the space of about 14 months. I'd gone from a share house in Northcote, to a two bedroom flat in North Caulfield. At which point my rent went up by 50%. Then I moved in here, and my rent went up, well, it was now double what it had been in the share house.

So, in the three and a half years since, my rent has gone up once, whilst rents on empty places have gone completely nuts. Barbara and I rented a three bedroom plus huge bungalow place in Northcote in 2000 for about... I can't even remember now, close to $360 a week or so. Now, that wouldn't get you a shit two bedroom house in Northcote. I crunched the numbers in a spread sheet, and realised pretty quickly that the kinds of prices they're asked these days - $550 for three bedrooms - made the monthly rent about the same as what I'm paying now. And not for places that were anything special either, nice places are closer to $600 a week.

Plus I'd have to go through the pain of moving house, finding the bond, packing up my shit, all for a small amount more space and if I was lucky a dish washer. And the chance to share my electricity bill. Suddenly my place isn't looking so bad.

Other things that aided me in my decision:
* My car died. It needs it's engine cracked open, which will be costly
* I'm going overseas for a bit in April/May of next year
* I have a GF with whom I'd like to live sometime next year

On the down side, part of the motivation for this was to try and save some money. I'm going to have to think about how I can do that on my own. Still, I am saving the moving expenses. Also it'd be nice to have a place I could have parties in, that's something I miss. And this place is small, or, more accurately, I have a lot of junk which makes it look small... Does still have an ace view, however. For example, this is a photo I took from my window a couple of years ago:

Also on the plus side, I can upgrade my internet connection to something faster than this shit el-cheapo ADSL. I've been holding off, thinking I'd wait till I moved...


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