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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Dead Car
Orange Hair
Fuji the Wonder Car expired as I was driving home from the gym. Which was ironic, considering I usually ride to the gym. But it was so bitterly cold tonight I ended up driving. The oil light came on and he simply stopped running. I pushed him around a corner, and managed to park him pretty well without any power at all.

Anyway, I was on the way home, so I figured bugger it, I'll just leave it here till the weekend. Didn't like the thought of waiting around in the dark and cold for some chap from the RACV to show up, so I called up Deb for a second opinion, locked 'im up, and started home.

Actually, I had some luck. As I went around the corner, a bus came passed, so I hopped onto it. Got off about three stops later at High Street. Then wandered around the corner to my favourite kebab joint for a late dinner. Then I wandered to the nearest tram stop, and as soon as I got there, a tram turned up! Talk about a positive public transport experience.

I haven't actually been driving much lately, in fact apart from shopping and getting to Toastmasters and my book group, I really don't need a car. So, if, as I suspect, his condition is terminal, I might look into one of them car share programs like Go Get rather than springing for a new car. And then borrowing my dads car when I need something for longer... You know, that might just work...

Here's a picture of Fuji and I, back in 2006. He has more stickers now :-)