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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Today's Weird Dreams
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
OK, so, I was hanging out on a fairly murky river, with lots of overhanging trees. And I had this floating arm chair. And there were all these ducks, who were my friends. And they were laying eggs and trying to raise baby ducks. And I had some eggs of my own which I was trying to, er, do the right thing by.

Anyway, at one stage one of the ducks comes over to me all quacky. So I hope in my armchair and paddle across the river, following it. There's a series of small caves on the rivers edge, one of which has a rope hanging out of it. A German Shepard, who was also a friend of me and the ducks, was tugging on the rope, and eventually pulled from the cave a huge eel (hmmmm, that's all sounding a bit Freudian isn't it?) A lot of these eels had been bothering the ducks, so it was good to catch one...

Possibly part of the same dream... I was in a basement with lots of lockers in it. I think it was in the building I work in. I was sitting around in my tiger pyjamas (don't ask) and I couldn't do any work because somehow my computer had been locked away in a cupboard somewhere. Then I ended up trying to explain all the connections between the people in my book group on the back of a piece of paper with diagram drawn in pen... To some people, can't remember whom...

And now for a dream I had a few days ago:

I was planning some kind of attack on a defence research facility, although it was all a bit half arsed. We had some shitty gun powder, and we'd build a tiny "shelter" which was three small walls of unmortared bricks and no roof... Eventually I was hanging out the front of the place, leaning on the hood of a very well maintained 80's vintage Commodore (you know how dreams are filled with these random details) until its owner came and drove it away.

Somehow I managed to talk my way into the place, but ended up drinking tea with a lot of the staff in the tea room. Which was partly constructed from parts of an old missile. Which it turned out they were about to test a later version of. The missile was huge, three stories high (ok, so, there might be something Freudian going on here too!) and was intended to attack ships. They launched one from one of the car parks, and it flew off to, er, I have no idea, think I woke up at that point.

Stupid brain, be less surreal!!!!