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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Riding Riding Riding
I've done more riding today than I've done since I got my bike! In fact, possibly more than I've ever done in one day.

This morning I rode to work - Northcote via East Melbourne, the top of the MCG and then St. Kilda Road to my office in the St. Kilda Road/Queens Road area.

Then after work I rode to ACMI for more Animation festival.

Then I rode in the rain (something I do reluctantly because as soon as I get rain on my glasses I can barely see) from ACMI, down past the front of the casino, behind the exhibition building, onto Williamstown Road, then Todd Road, into the park under the Westgate bridge. Then I rode around the park for a bit till I found the mass of cyclists I was looking for, and their very welcome bonfire.

On this particular segment I was that close to giving up and turning back home. I was negotiating some construction under Kings Way, in the rain, and almost went "fuck this, this is miserable, I can't see!", and then riding to Southern Cross and putting my bike on the train. But I persisted. It's possible the thought of seeing Deb kept me going :-)

And finally, I rode from the Westgate, up Lorimer street, through the Docklands, onto La Trobe Street, through the Flagstaff Gardens, onto Royal Parade past the Victoria Market, then onto Park Street and then the bike path that runs Brunswick-Northcote. Under Rushall station then on to my place. This last segment taking me the better part of an hour and twenty minutes. I estimate I've been on my bike for almost three hours today.

My arse is sore!

And my right hand is quite tired. My thumb gets tired from all the gear changing, in fact just as I was getting home, it stopped working altogether! Ah well, I'm home now and getting a bit dryer...

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"my arse s sore"

Arnica tablets!

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