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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Rock and/Or Roll
Rocknerd is back.

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So go see a band and write stuff!

Haven't seen enough live stuff lately. Although I did see Snog's only Melbourne show a month or two back. And spent most of it trying to avoid my ex... Hmmm...

Off to Devo at the end of July. At fucking festival hall. I might burn it down in the hope they'll build a decent venue in its place...

FESTERING HOLE KILLS LIVE MUSIC. Srsly. It's like a large rectangular damping field on anything resembling rock'n'roll energy. It made the Sex Pistols suck. Wish I'd made their reportedly fantastic Espy show the next day.

My thoughts exactly. I can't believe they're still using it all these decades later. I mean, I know the Beatles played there, and I know the front of it at least is in Dogs in Space, but damn.

Wait, when did the Sex Pistols play there? On their reunion tour? The Pistols at the Espy would have been Rock and Roll Nirvana! More so than having Ron Hitler Barassi jump on my head at the Tote.

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