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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Let The Madness Begin
Starting Wednesday evening, I will more or less be living at ACMI. The Melbourne International Animation Festival is on again, as as I have done for the last three or four years, I will be at almost every session! Well, not quite, but at least two or three sessions at day from Wednesday to Friday, most of Saturday and about six hours of Sunday! So, don't expect to see me for most of the next week.

And when you do, I'll probably think I'm a weasel and expect to be able to crawl up the walls.

A couple of years ago, the winning movie was the rather awesome Jona/Tomberry Please don't ask me to explain the title or I'll cry. And that streaming rendition of it leaves a lot to be desired... By a mad Dutchman called Rosto. Now I find myself needing to order it from the internets...!

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