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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Cleaning The Flat
Magritte's Pipe
I spent a goodly proportion of the long weekend... cleaning my flat. Which will give you some idea how filthy it was. Mind you, I haven't entirely finished... I concentrated on a couple of specific areas, such as taking everything off my desk and putting it back. That's more work than in might sound, since there were six computers on it! Now there is only three, plus a LAN drive backup thingy. And two monitors. And a cat. Wait...

I've started a pile of stuff I'm going to get rid of. So far it's got one PC, an MP3 player, a large ethernet switch and an ancient Kodak camera. Some of this stuff is going on Ebay, if that fails, it's going on freecycle :-)

Unless any of you folks want it.

Damn. Why do I have a dead Benq laptop lying around my flat? Anyone want it????