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Facebook, etc.
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Hey all.

As of about two days ago, I have 300 "friends" on facebook. Well, actually, now I have 307. They have a thingy now which suggests people you might know, so amongst other things I clicked "add as friend" on all of them, to see who would accept. Well, all of them except for my ex-girlfriends it also suggested. And, mysteriously, Deb's ex as well!

Tomorrow I'm going to ride to work. That'll be novel. And, I suspect, cold. I've been on the new bike every day bar one since I got it. And on that day, I rode my spin bike. I've got more exercise this week than I've ever got! Now if I could just stop eating like a pig, I might lose some weight like my doctor told me to.

Last night I was riding to Deb's along the bike track on park street (if you know where that is, I can't really explain). Down near Rushal station there where three teenage girls wandering all over the track, chatting and goofing off, as they do - right where I needed to ride. I was going slow, so I rang my bell, once, politely, like the sign says you should on the bike path. They all screamed and leapt out of the way, it was hilarious! One of them said "don't scare us like that!". I just laughed as I rode past 'em.

Also managed to briefly fall off Ninja Bike... in my driveway. Said driveway is very steep. I buzzed the gates open, and attempted to start up it. But I was in entirely the wrong gear, and couldn't build up speed. Then I hit the lump in the middle that the gates lock into, bounced off it and started rolling backwards</a>, at which point I went over sideways and end up jammed against the letterboxes at about a 45 degree angle. How is that for stupid?

OK, what else. Ah, that's about all I can be bothered blogging about for the mo. Catch ya all.
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