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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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La Weekend (A Post not entirely about Bikes)
Stooges Dancer
Friday night, Deb and I did some ridin'. Saturday was her birthday, so I promised to take her out to a fancy restaurant. This gets complicated when you're dating a gluten-intolerant vegetarian!

So. Were does one take a GFV to spoil them? The best vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne, which as everyone will tell you, is Shakarahari's in Carlton (hmm, that name might have fewer a's than that...)

We had some really ace food there, which I really can't describe, except it was very, very yummy. Then we pottered around Reading's bookshop for a bit, as you do when on Lygon Street. We managed not to buy anything. Wait, I lie, Deb bought some kids books for a friend.

Saturday I woke up in Deb's bed. That was ace. Rode home, then drove out to Warburton! As you do. My first cousin once removed Asher Francis Donald Johanson Neil (I witnessed his birth certificate when he was born in the mid 80's, so I know his whole name!) is joining the army, and was having a going away party.

Warburton's a long way from Northcote. I've driven out there a few times, so I knew vaguely where I was going. I got to the outskirts of Lilydale, and thought "cool, I'm nearly there", when I saw a sign that said "Warbuton 44 KM." D'oh! I was barely half way! Another of my little relatives had made a card for Asher which said, in part, "have fun going to the war. Please don't get killed"!

Headed back to Melbourne in time to acquire gluten free bread, to make gluten free fairy breed! Deb had a birthday party on Saturday night, at which there were many such treats. And of course one was obliged to dress as a pirate! I got myself a rather awesome costume (boots, baggy pants, big belt, baggy top, pirate hat, sword and plastic hook. Oh, and a ugly fake parrot!) and spent most of the evening going "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar."

We also invented a fun game, pretending we were on a ship. All you have to do is get everyone in the to sway in the same direction at the same time!

Some of Deb's friend's composed a sea shanty and performed it for her, which was really awesome.

And the weird event of the night: Chatting to my friend Lisa, and mentioning in passing the name of another friend of mine, Tim. Only to discover that they're cousin's or something!!! How weird is that? Well, actually, this has been happening to me pretty constantly theses days. Ah well.

Ok, I think I'm about blogged out. I have a weird week coming up... I have very little on! Yippee! Apart from work of course...