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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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I Haz Bike
The Man With No Name
In other news, I (finally) bought a bike.

Why "finally"? Well, partly because my friend Geoffrey has been hassling me for something like 15 or more years about getting one. Geoff is a hard-core cyclist from way back, does things like riding from Adelaide to Melbourne. I also know a number of the "organisers" (in so far as it can be said to have organisers) of Critical Mass and for a long time was the only member of the Melbourne Bicycle Users Group without a bike!

I've also been know to borrow a bike to go on Critical Mass rides. Oh, I should explain - every Friday a large number of riders gather after work outside the State Library to go for a big, loud, but relatively leisurely ride. Usually around the inner city, usually ending at a pub. Making a point about bicycles not blocking traffic but being traffic. I've joined them on a number of notable rides, including a couple of quasi-legal spins along City Stink segments like the Burnley Tunnel. I taped my etag to my helmet on that ride, so I was the only one who was really legally down there :-)

I also borrowed a bike to go on a New Years Eve ride, on which I met Deb!

The main things that have prevented me from buying a bike in the past have been: Money, never feeling really stable balancing my 90+ kilos on 15 kilos of metal bike, a reluctance to ride in the rain, and my sister's uncanny ability to injury herself on them, usually right about the same time I'm really considering getting one! My sister, by the way, was apparently involved in launching Critical Mass, when she was helping out at Friends of the Earth, but has never actually been on one...

I did have a bike years ago, but I stopped riding around the time the compulsory bike helmet laws came in. That will give you some idea how long ago it was, I can't have been more than sixteen.

Anyway, this is my bike, AKA, The Ninja Bike:
Paul's bike

A Felt Racing QX70 hybrid.
BTW, mine looks a lot more cluttered than this one. I've got a rack, mud guards, lights at both ends, a drink holder and BIG heavy lock. In fact, it looks like an armoured personnel carrier...

I'd never heard of Felt before last Sunday, when Deb and I popped into Brunswick Street Cycles. I rode four bikes while I was there, a Diamondback and two Kona's, but the Felt stood out. Not just because it was black and I have a tendency towards black things - clothes, etc.

Despite not actually having a bike, I seem to know a lot about them. I went in there saying "Right, I want a hybrid [somewhere between a mountain bike and a racing bike], with a relatively upright riding position, standard bike brakes [lots of them have discs these days], plus a rack, mud guards, an LED light on the front. Oh, and a skater style helmet." I was also thinking about getting a gel padded seat, but current still have the stock seat.

And that's exactly what I ended up with. Uncanny. Mind you I also know a lot about guitars and bass guitars, despite not owning either. Oh look, a fat Strat. Oh look, a five string musicaman bass etc. etc. :-)

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congrats. I'll have to learn to ride one once I'm back in Melb.

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