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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Chai Day
Drawing of a trike
G'day LJ, again my apologise for not blogging more often. For reasons still unclear, I have been spending very little time in from of my PC at home, doing anything fun online.

Which is why I find myself typing with my thumbs on a crowded tram heading down St. Kilda road, listening to someone elses metal which he as up way too loud for his headphones!

Anyway, today is an annual celebration for me, which I call Chai Day. For the simple reason that three years ago in May I discovered Chai :-)

Ever since I've been drinking it like a fiend, up to four cups a day. I was even keeping running tally, till I lost track late last year, by which stage I think I was over 500 chai's. I should write some chai tracking software, or do some with the chai domain names I own...

Hmmmmm, nerdy...

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What's your favourite chai? I'm curious.

Calmer Sutra Chai from, er, a little cafe in Brighton. I get it by the kilo :-)

Calmer Sutra Cafe

Trouble is, I can't really cope with the caffeine in it these days.

Failing that, the T2 chai is nice.

And if you're going to get a commercial chai latte, I like the one from Hudson's. These days I have it with soy milk however.

That's the best cafe name I've ever heard :)

I probably should dial down on the caffeine a bit (am currently all twitchy and bouncy in my seat at work and it's not even 10am. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the day -- I can quite easily see myself bouncing off the walls by mid-afternoon if I keep the current rate of caffeine consumption).

There's a Hudson's near work so maybe I'll give theirs a try. Then again they managed to screw up my tea order yesterday (seriously! It was English Breakfast tea with no milk or sugar! All I was asking for was a teabag and some hot water! How hard is that to mess up??!! *dies from shock*).

As I was saying, me and caffeine aren't friends any more.

Don't go to Hudson's for tea, they don't know how to do it!

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