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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Meta Entry
Cat Go Blah Blah Blah
Hey LJ, I've been up to a lot of stuff lately, which I should have blogged about far more. But the moment has passed, so I'm going to just list some of the shit I've been up to the last few weeks :-)

OK. I went to a first birthday party for a couple of twin boys, at which there was at least eleven children, most of whom were under one. Deb and I played a game of "who can find the youngest baby". I found one who was five weeks old, Deb found one which was three and half weeks! My suggestion that we race all the babies was largely poo-pooed.

I slept at the Alfred Hospital, covered in wires. They had to shave areas on my legs, which went rather well with the larger shaved area around my new tattoo. Which they all appreciated.

One morning this week, I was commuting. Well, every week day in fact, that's not news. I have to head into the city, get off the train at Melbourne Central (which I sometimes still call Museum), cross over to the front of RMIT and catch a tram down Swanston Street and then down St. Kilda Road. I was on the corner in front of the library, heading over the road to the north side, when I looked up at the cyclists coming down Swanston Street. My brain went, in the space of about two seconds: "Look, that cyclist has ears on her helmet and is brightly dressed. Wait, that'd Deb! Better yell something!" So I yelled, predictably, "Deb!" She pulled over on the the corner of La Trobe Street, and we had a quick smooch. Which must have amused the passers by no end, especially since I was in black shoes, black pants, black shirt and black jacket, and Deb tends to wear most of the colors under the sun on a given day. It was ace to bump into her, made my day.

Ah, that's enough for this entry. I also just spent nearly three hours roasting a huge chook, which was frozen solid when I started, hence the length of time in the hot box!