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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Big New Fuck Off Computer
Did I mention I felt the need to do some LJing? :-)

I've got meself a new PC. Which, if I think about it, is the first time I've every actually had a completely new computer... Aside from the ill-advised purchasing of a Mac Classic in about 1992...

Anyway, it's a Beast, hence I've named it Godzilla.

But first, let me tell you about the machine it replaced.

Old Machine

IBM NetVista of some vintage.
Pentium 4 1.8Ghz
768 Meg of RAM (random, I know)
32 Meg Video (built in)
DVD Burner (recently acquired)
2 x 80 Gb HD's
Floppy Disc Drive
Various USB ports and PCI cards

New Machine

Home built from a pile of parts from Computer Parts Land
Quad Core Intel Duo 2.6Ghz
3 Gb of RAM
512 Meg Nvidia 8600GT Video Card
1 x 160 GB SATA HD
1 x 500 GB SATA HD
1 x 110 GB IDE HD
1 x 500 GB IDE HD (for a total of over a terabyte)
LG DVD/CD Burner
8 USB ports on the back of the motherboard
2 more USB ports on the front.
Coolermaster Centurian Case with 460 Watt power supply. Nice case, BTW.

So, as you can imagine, it's a tad faster. And of course, now I'm discovering what a bottle neck my el-cheapo ADSL is... *le sigh*

It was funny, the old machine was showing signs of dying (although it seems to have recovered since) so I decided to get a new system on Anzac day. Computer Parts Land was the only place open, so I circled some parts on their price list, and went down there and bought 'em. Only took about 40 minutes to assemble the whole thing... Although it took a little while to get the IDE drives working.

So basically I'm using this as a reason to consolidate my collection of PCs. Godzilla is two machines combined into one. I had a an aging AMD-based server with five hard drives in it as my MP3 and storage machine. Then I realised that I could fit the contents of four of the drives onto the one 500 Gb drive I acquired to put my MP3s on... So then I no longer really needed that computer... And I'm going to retire the NetVista, once I've wiped the hard drives... Might give it to my first cousin once removed Isaac.

Actually, the purge goes beyond that. I've also got an ancient Mac G3 taking up space on my desk. I've also now got (at least) two 80 Gb hard drives to get rid of, not to mention several boxes of random Computer parts. My plan is to keep only the new Godzilla box, my ancient laptop and the Linux machine in the clear case... Although having said that, I'm not really using it either. In the long term I plan to have a Mac Laptop and the Beast as my only machines.

Oh, and I might have bought a low-end Pentium III on Ebay to use as a bit torrent downloader, rather than leaving a machine with four hard drives running all night, and doing terrible things to my carbon foot print.

So, anyone want an old server? Some random hard drives?

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In what way is 768MB random? That's exactly what I have on this machine, and had on the machine before it. It came with 256, and I bought a 512 upgrade.

Anyway, congrats on your new purchase... hopefully I'll be in the market for a new machine soon, as well.

I always think of RAM as something that should be in powers of two, so 768 looks odd. But yes, that's exactly what's in my machine... And having said that, my new machine has 3Gb of RAM, which is all Windows XP can see!

Reminds me, I should get a new hard drive!

I mean, home girl, I've got two 80Gb IDE drives sitting on my desk which you can have, just so I can free up the space. Heck, I've also got a 13 Gb drive if you're really keen.

Heck, if I look further, I'll bet I've got at least one more drive floating around somewhere...


I use "dude", kthx. Dude.

Man, I'm a horder... I picked up two Mac's last night, for a total of 12 computers in my flat!!!!

Serious, thought, let me know if you want a drive or two.

I wouldn't mind one. Dude. XD

Dude, I've just bunged two 80Gb drives in this free mac I've acquired. Might be able to get you a 110 Gb drive from my old server... Whatchawanna do?

Dude, you're old :D

You need to get some new material :-)

Also, sif Macs!

Oh yeah, and you shall be known as "Dude" hence forth!

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