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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Random Shopping
The Man With No Name
I feel some Livejournalling coming on.

I've been doing a lot of random shopping lately. On the weekend, I went to Savers, where I rarely find anything I really want. The clothes never fit for example, or they're so painfully daggy even I wouldn't wear them.

This time, I hit something of a jackpot. I got a luridly bright red spatula, which looked like it had come out of a time-warp from the seventies. A pint glass from some micro brewery (which I plan to drink water from. Hydrated!), a passable t-shirt made from a dense woven cotton. Lets see... A greeting card for a friend how has had a baby, and finally... A Village People "60 Minutes of Non Stop Dance" vinyl album! Which I then gave to Deb. All of which set me back the princely sum of... $11.95.

We also came across at least three t-shirts advertising various Bear events... Not the "Wilds of Canada" type bears, more the "Hairy of Parhran" type bears! Weird. And a t-shirt which just said "Biotechnology for Africa". Took a photo of that one...

Then today popped into the Asian grocery store in the basement of Melbourne Central on the way home. Two soy bean drinks, something called "Sesame Mochi", which looks a bit like something you'd see at Yum Cha. Some Cod Fish Snacks, and a small bottle of "Basil Seed Drink with Honey", which looks like it has tiny eye balls floating in it!

I can report that Cod Fish Snacks are... disgusting. A bit like fish food, combined with the fish themselves :-)