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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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New Tattoo
What Would Henry Rollins Do?
Well, it took my 14 years, but I finally got around to getting another tattoo. Many, many moons ago (December 24th of 1993 in fact) I got me a tat on my right calf. April 26th of 2008, I finally got around to getting another.

What inspired me? Hard to explain. Partly it was having a design which, as soon as I spotted it, really begged to be tattooed. Partly it was... Well, I can't really explain, a need to make a permanent change somehow. And it's taken me a while to come to something that I actually wanted on my skin. It had to be something unique, something I could show off or conceal as need be, something people would ask about.

This is the design:

(All these pictures can be made bigger by clicking on them!)

For the curious, this is an Alien Technology's European model Gen 1 Squiggle RFID tag. It's actually copper in color and about six centimetres long. I scanned it and blew it up to a bit over twice it's original size, and changed its color to black.

When I first saw this, I thought, what a cool shape that would make a unique tattoo...

My leg, before "inking":
Note existing tattoo on the right of my calf. It looks fairly fresh because it doesn't get a lot of sun. Ah, the joys of being a pasty nerd.

The stencil copied onto my leg:

The process is: shave leg, spray on alcohol, rub design onto the skin...

The first part of the outlining done:

The design is outlined first, then filled in later. Traditionally, anyway, lots of more modern designs just have blocks of color. But I wanted something that looked tribal, but wasn't, and looked old fashioned, but so isn't.

Outlining complete:

Your friendly neighbourhood tattooist, a guy called Christie, who was kind enough to let me photograph the whole process:

The inking started:

(More or less the same stage as the picture above.)

Inking complete:

The finished product:

After which it was wrapped in cling wrap! I'll have to get some more detailed shots - the centre of the tattoo for example is quite detailed.

It hurt a lot less than I remembered. The nurophen I took before hand probably helped. Some tattooists offer numbing cream, which I wouldn't have used. It was odd that some parts, I could barely tell that it was happening, whilst other areas of my leg, only millimetres away, hurt heaps. I was lying down on a bed the whole time, which was great 'cause it took over two hours. It was great to be comfortable, just looking up at the ceiling, and trying to do breathing exercises.

Actually, the location was amazing - a basement in the city. I got to stare at a complex ceiling of pipes and all sorts of stuff. Now I just have to look after it for about three weeks, washing it carefully and rubbing a nappy rash type cream into it. It should scab over in a few days, it's not obvious in these shots, but it was bleeding a little by the time it was done.

Tattooing is a time consuming business. Christie had tattooed only one other person that day - from 11AM to 4PM! That was their second session, and he still wasn't done.

And now... I want another! It's addictive, I think, I'm already deciding what to get and where... At some point, I think I'm going to need an Einstuerzende Neubauten symbol, like several thousand other mad fans (including his Rollins-ness himself!)

I learnt a lot chatting to the tattooist - a situation no unlike chatting to a hair dresser. Apparently the machines they use are fitted with groups of needles, usually at least three but often five to seven or even more.

If anyone's keen, the tattooist Christie works with another guy, under the name Robot Shogun, in one half of Peril Underground, the weird music store. They're in a laneway off Elizabeth street, next to the McDonalds near Flinders street station. Best description of the location I can give!

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I Have Two Words For You

:-P and :-P

You can talk, pokemon girl!

You must send this to Malcolm.

So just over twice the size, wouldn't that bring the frequency down to more of a HF level.....

Re: Wow, impressive!

You are a nerd....

I'd better watch out, they might get onto me about copyright violation... :-)

Many powers of magnitude better than something with barbed wire, or a dragon!

I like my tattoos unique. The number of shit Celtic or tribal tattoos I've seen! Damn man, if you're getting a tat out of a catalogue, it's not worth the effort.

That's the original, from a comic I now can't locate... Ah, here we go: What Would Henry Rollins Do?

i think ure next tattoo should be a portrait of Henry Rollins

That would be strangely post modern and self referential... I could get a tattoo of Henry and some of his tattoos!!!!

in all of my maturity i'm going to dare u to do it

double dare u even


Well, I know the rules - I HAVE to do it if you've double dared me! A bit like double Brie :-)

personally i'm the camembert type .......

*boom* *tish*

Woah, cyclist's legs ahoy! :D check out those calves!

You should see my quads. My biceps aren't bad either :-)

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