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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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The Rest of my Working Week
Lets see, how did the rest of my week back in the Work Force go? Tuesday I actually go my work email going, sent a couple of messages. Met some more people. Got out of the lift and was totally disorientated as to where my desk was.

And got to read some specifications! I mean, they already had a project plan, and it had my name in it. I was weirdly happy to see this, I was weirdly pleased that, for starters, they have a project plan and secondly that I featured in it!

Amusingly, the first project I'm working on is called WORMS. I kid you not! Can't remember what it stands for, although the "RM" part means "relationship management"...

Wednesday and Thursday, some four or five of us got sent on a course - talk about investing in their people - learning about something called MD CRM. Which, of course, stands for Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management. Don't say this three times fast! :-)

...which I can now pretend to be an expert in... In actual fact, it was quite interesting, and I'm looking forward to playing with it.

The course was in the city, it was nice-ish to be back in town. The guy running it was a small mountain of muscle called Ivan. Damn, I wouldn't have arm wrestled him for money!

Thursday evening, after the course finished, I went for a wander. A strange sensation came over me. I had no interest in buying things. I needed, need, for nothing! I was wandering around thinking "here I am, what can I buy or borrow to complete my life or my flat". And nothing came to mind. Nice. I do keep trying to think of fun things to get Deb, but what do you buy a coeliac vegetarian greenie cyclist with a taste for silly hats? Another silly hat, I guess!

Met up with some of my now ex co-workers at the Rooftop bar (on top of Cookie) for a drink on Thursday. It was kinda funny, of the seven people there, four no longer worked for 'em. Good. And I strongly suggested to the to the others they think about bailing - the more I think about that place, the more I hate it.

Rooftop is nice bar, if up a lot of stairs. They serve a limited range of Japanese food, and SMS you when it's ready! Great view, and I got to sit in a deck chair.