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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Another Satisfied Customer
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There's an interesting retro store down the road from my place. I hate stepping in there, 'cause it's full of interesting shit - for example, new old stock Casio calculator watches from the eighties!

Yesterday I decided I needed a clock in my kitchen/living room. Not just any ugly clock, I needed something cool. And I knew this shop had a bunch of these old flip clocks. In fact they had about ten, of various generations. Fake wood panelled ones, models with radios. But I spotted this one - utilitarian brown, an oddly shaped case, a light that still worked, and a "seconds" dial. This was the one for me!

Waaaaaay back in the day, I had a flip clock when I was a teenager (yes, I'm that old) which was red and which I kept until it simply stopped working. So I'm a bit sentimental about them. And in fact, I acquired a really old one when my family sold our beach house about a year ago, but it stopped working a few months back :-( Ah well. I'm unreasonably delighted about this new toy, even thought all it does is hum and show the time :-)

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How wibbly wobbly timey-wimey!

OMG my parents had a white one of those in their bedroom.

Re: How wibbly wobbly timey-wimey!

Cool. I like old shit. Old shit that works...

The shop is called "Know Your Product" (I wonder if the Saints are aware of this!) It's just off High Street in Westgarth, sort of near the strip o' cafes.

Should you need one of your own...

Re: How wibbly wobbly timey-wimey!

Oh wow. Westgarth is like, north! I could even feasibly go there!

Re: How wibbly wobbly timey-wimey!

Indeed it is north! Respect the north side, yo! :-P

What part of the Melbourne are you in?

Holy shit that brings back some serious fuckin memories. My mom used to get mad because I'd turn the alarm thingy and she wouldn't notice, and it would ring at some random time in the afternoon instead of at 6AM.

As I recall the alarms were never the most accurate anyway - lining up the little thingy with an actual time was non-trivial.

I have a digital clock for that, this is more or less a useful ornament. But yes, in the days of the Ebay etc., nothing really ever goes away.

I think that's why it annoyed her so much - it would take her a week of trial-and-error to get the thing to actually ring at six, and then I'd just twirl the dial around and fuck it all up in an instant. Hahaha I was a great kid!

That's how I remember them. How did people cope in these analog times? And one day I suspect you'll have kid who will find ways to wind you up... Your gene's will get revenge :-)

My grandmother had one of those. It used to piss me off because it never quite stopped whirring and flipping.


Yeah, there's a reason it's not in my bedroom.


Husband was looking for one for years.. Do they still have any left?

They've got dozens. Well, maybe not dozens, but certainly I chose this one from about eight that they had.

I'm avoiding the store because they have piles of other awesome nerdy old stuff that I covet but do not really need :-)

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