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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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New Job: Day One
Tram In Snow
Egad, sorry, LJ, I owe you many updates.

OK, lets see. If you'll cast your minds back to the Monday of this week. The 21st. I started my new job, at a little company you might have heard of called Tabcorp!

I was less nervous than one might expect. I mean, I've been around the traps, this is in fact about the fourth or fifth time I've had a "first day". And at least this time I didn't send out an email to the whole company saying I'd like to be known as "stud muffin". (That, unfortunately, is a true story!)

In my new hard-working guise, I decided I'm going to get to work early every day - well, early-ish, about the best I can usually manage is getting on to the 7.48AM train to the city from Merri. After that, one has to take one of a series of trams down Swanston Street. Then I remembered why in the past I've tended to get the trains later into peak hour - the Epping train at 7.48 is always packed like a sardine can! The trams, not a lot better... Ah well. I will tolerate this unpleasantness. It's also, I can report, a fair hike from Northcote to Bowen Cresent (which is south of the Shrine, sort of around the corner from the St. Kilda road police complex. The train in takes about 20 minutes (to Melbourne Central) and the tram down the road takes about another 20... I don't think I'm going to get a) a seat or b) much time to read :-(

I actually had a good day. There was the usual drill - here's a new PC, here's a desk, here's a some office supplies. Sign all these documents etc. etc. Actually, the last part was more than usual - they need background checks of one sort or another if you're gonna work in this industry. I'm also going to need a gaming license.

It was intense being back at work. Especially since now I have a kind of determination to prove certain other companies wrong about me...