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Henry Rollins
What Would Henry Rollins Do?
Friday night, I got to see Henry Rollins do his spoken word thing. I was delighted when I got the tickets - row K, that can't be too bad! Until we got there, and found they were row K in the Balcony, the nose bleed section, second last row from the back!

I'd prepared for the show by getting food poisoning, and had barfed my dinner not an hour before the show. In fact I was so ill I was seriously thinking about going home and going to bed. But, in fact, I felt a lot better after the barfing, and went along.

Bumped into a guy called Gareth who I haven't seen for a while (he's friends with, in fact shares a house with, the ex-fiance!) who was there with an American friend. Gareth had never seen Henry before, but his friend had so presumably was the initiator of the trip to see him.

I had a weird moment of early onset Alzheimer's before the show... I couldn't remember exactly how many times I seen Henry Rollins live. Well, I could - February of 1992 at the Club in Collingwood (which was a revelation!), October or so of 1997 at the Palias in St. Kilda, late January of 2006 at the Geelong Performing Arts centre. And then at the comedy theatre on Friday! But I couldn't remember if I'd seen him between 1997 and 2006... I had to think long and hard about the venues I'd seen him in and the people I'd been with at the time (this is how I measure time these days). I think I was also confused because I've heard so much of his spoken word stuff - I highly recommend Eric the Pilot - in the mean time. And I saw his band play at Melbourne Uni of all places at some point in the mid nineties.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that I didn't see him in the period 1997-2006, I think I went through a bit of a Henry lull...

The show itself was great. The guy can talk - it started a biit after 8PM and finished around 11.30PM! I was a bit rooted by the end, almost dozing off what with being ill. He told some really interesting stories, for example about being the stand-in singer for one last show by a British punk band The Ruts. As for the rest of the show, I don't need to remember - it was filmed, will be on the Movie Network in a few weeks and on DVD some time after that. The chances of our faces being in any of the audience shots is almost nil :-)

I ended up taking Barbara, Henry Rollins not being Deb's cup of tea. And Luna not being able to make it. Nor indeed Jane, a friend who's into that kind of thing. Ah well. Barbara really liked it, which was grand.

It's surprising the kinds of people who end up being his fans. The audience mostly seems to contain angry suburban white guys like, er, me. But then vedmajulia is a big fan for example!

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That's not the usual reaction... Well, up to a point...

Why not? :P

You should go see Jello Biafra, then I can say "lol, jello biafra".

If Jello and I are ever in the same city, I'll go see him. And yell "Eric!" from the audience like a dick.

Seeing every Henry Rollins standup you can is a good idea because he hardly ever repeats himself. Three nights in a row will get different shows. Also, he sells double CDs of the talking tours real cheap.

I couldn't find the $300+ plus to go to every night he's playing - heck, he's going on stage there again tonight... But yes, I appreciate the idea...

There's also the odd Henry Rollins bit torrent floating around out there, but you didn't hear that from me :-)

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