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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Catnip Cat macro
Damn it, I haven't really eaten anything in about 24 hours. In fact, I've not really had anything much stay in my stomach since sometime Thursday afternoon. I spent most of today (Friday) asleep, then somehow managed to drag myself into the city... Mind you, I had to get off the tram on Smith Street and almost barf, which wasn't fun.

Tried eating some chips in a horrid English themed pub, but only managed about three... Which I later barfed into the loo of a jewellery store/cafe that we were in! Fun!!!! Not. Actually, I felt a whole lot better after that...

And then we went and saw Henry Rollins at the Comedy Theatre... Which somehow I survived, I was almost about to give up and go home for more sleep. We'll see how tonight goes...

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Food poisoning sucks! My mum used to give me a low level dose of food poisoning every time she cooked chicken. Did you get that feeling like you were going to die? That's what it always gives me.

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