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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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I'm Ill
The Good The Bad and The Ugly
And not in a cool rap kind of way...

Was out at a bar last night, where I ate an ill-advised pizza. I don't even like pizza. Anyway, about four hours later I got to see the Pizza again, in a strangely satisfying purging event :-) Followed a few hours later by another, which pretty much cleared my system of its entire contents. Even to the extent of making my nose run.

Mind you, I am an idiot, I've been eating the most incredible shite lately.

And my day yesterday went like this: Got up, pottered around, had lunch with my dad (hmmmm, in retrospect, I wonder if that Dahl wasn't a contributing factor...), went to the Gym, looked at a unit for rent in Northcote, ended up driving into the city because the train I was about to catch at Clifton Hill was both late and not really going to the right part of the city, had a cup of tea and the aforementioned pizza at this bar whilst having a surprisingly interesting discussion with a christian guy who is also on Twitter. No wonder I was rooted, this can't be doing good things to my system...

Then I stayed up late chatting to some people, waiting for my guts to settle down... Which they didn't really do... :-(

So I've ended up spending my last day as a "free man" sleeping, till about 1.30PM. I was supposed to go get a tattoo this afternoon, but decided that would be a really bad idea, so I moved my "session". So all I really have to do today is make it to the Comedy Theatre at 8PM to see Henry Rollins! Yay!

Ah, feeling loads better now... That lemonade helped.

I was worried - Deb had really bad Gastro earlier this week, couldn't even stomach water. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the same thing, more a pizza specific event :-)