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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Fuji Lives!
Magritte's Pipe
(In a side note, why did I download the "Cabaret" sound track? And why is Marvin trying to chew a sticker off my desk?)

I took Fuji (my 19 year old Subaru Station Wagon, for recent listeners) to the radiator place today. As you'll recall, I was concerned that Fuji was on his last legs, after almost cooking himself on a drive back from Geelong a few months back. I was so worried I applied for a car loan in order to replace him - reluctantly, said sticker covered car has been in my life for eight years now.

Anyway, I called the Radiator Guy and asked if they could flush the cooling system. He said if it's running hot, there's a good chance something else was wrong - which I agreed was highly likely!

He was right, the radiator was really blocked, only about two thirds of it was working. Also needed new hoses, and was about to crack a water pump. Not to mention needing a new fan belt. All of which they fixed, along with some new coolant. So Fuji is alive again! Hooray. The longer he lives the longer I can go without buying a new car. Even if it's only until about this time next year, that'll be great... Not that I'm sentimentally attached or anything :-)

Might be time for a trip to the drive in :-)