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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Other Stuff I Have Been Up To
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Lets see. Saturday I... OK, the early onset Alzheimer's is kicking in here... What the fuck did I do on Saturday? *gets out nerdphone/diary*

OK! In the morning we quickly looked at a house in Brunswick, although it was so far north it was about 20 metres from Coburg. Nice place, big bedrooms, new appliances. But only one bathroom, and the more I thought about the commute from there to my new office on St. Kilda Road, the less I liked the idea. It looked good mostly because it was available and they liked us... I'm prepared to be a bit fussy.

(Rent's have got "interesting" of late. When I shared in Northcote in 2000-2004, my rent was a bit over $400 a month. Then I moved into a two bedroom place with the then Fiance, and my rent was about $600 a month. When I moved from there to my current place, my rent was about $800 (it's gone up a bit since.) Now we're looking at three bedroom places to share, my rent is likely to be in the $680-700 region... Which is an increase of, what, about 75% per room over about four years... Something is well wrong here, maybe I should just buy a place! Or be a bit less fussy, but then, I don't want to move into somewhere which is worse than my flat...)

Saturday arvo I took my mother out to visit my grandmother (my father's mother, not hers) out in Doncaster. My grandmother is a bit deaf and a bit vague, but heck she's 96 so we can't complain!

Lets see, what else did I do? Ah, that's right, Deb and I went to a great housewarming in Ascot Vale. The house itself was cool - it was on an oddly shaped block, so some of the rooms were triangular! Like the little study, and the laundry and the bathroom. There was also a vaguely trapezoid pantry/room which was almost as big at the kitchen. Deb and I decided it was the coolest room in the house, so we decided to hang out in it.

The best part of the party - they fed us! I had ace soup and various other tasty treats. Which was nice since I hadn't had dinner.

Then we played table tennis on a hopelessly warped table tennis table, and discovered that we're both really really shit at table tennis! I also got to see some amusing family bickering between one of the housemates, her sister and her brother. I teased them all about that.

Deb was a bit grumpy, which is a change from her usual constantly chirpy mood. I thought it was actually good to see her in a different mood. And when I say grumpy, it was like seeing a hungry kitten! Kinda cute grumpy!

I think that was all I did on Saturday. Too damn busy!!!

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My rent is north of $1,600 a month. Due, I suspect, to moving almost annually, and also to never wanting to move to something that is not as nice. That said, last time I lived in this suburb (1999) my rent was $770 a month, for a place three times the size, with a garden and a garage. Maybe I need to take a good look at my priorities?

Who is this? And which suburb are we talking???

I'm seriously thinking I might just give up on the idea and stay in my awesome flat...

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