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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More Weird Events from the Life of Paul
Dancing Kitty
Sunday Night, I went off to see the band Root! play at the retreat in Brunswick.

As I was crossing the road, I spotted a staggering drunk guy in a bicycle helmet weaving around the footpath. I was looking at the traffic, when he staggered up to me, squinted at me, and we had the following exchange:

Drunk Guy: I know you. We went to RMIT together.
[I looked at him for a bit, and under the four-day growth and the staggers, he did look vaguely familiar.]
Me: Yeah...
Drunk Guy: I'm Dean.
Me: Paul.
Drunk Guy: I remember you. Hey, I started a business...
Me: Did you now? Hows it going?
Drunk Guy: OK, it's only been going a month.
Me: What's it do?
Drunk Guy: Sustainable brewing, here, I've got a card...
[Fumbles around in his pants, produces a business card, which is slightly damp on one corner.]
Me: Dude, this is a bit soggy...
Drunk Guy: Yeah, I've been swimming
Me: Hey, I've gotta go see a band
Drunk Guy: Cool. Nice to see you.
[He staggers off back onto the footpath. It looked like his friends were loading stuff into a panel van, so hopefully someone was looking after him!]

Went and saw Root!, who are OK, but they're no TISM - the lead singer used to be known as Humphrey B Flaubert. What was scary was the number of TISM nutbars who where at the gig and who remembered me. TISM fans are the craziest in the universe, even crazy vegetable lady was there (long story...)
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My partner is looking to use 'The History of Western Suburbs' by TISM as part of her teacher stuff - looking at Australian identity. Given she teaches in St Albans it should be good for a laugh.

I don't think they have Irony in St. Albans :-)

They better have. She's an english teacher.

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