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I Lead A Weird Life
What Would Henry Rollins Do?
I lead a weird life.

Case in point: tonight I went to a gig at the Toff in Town for the What Is Music? festival. It kinda defied description... They'd taken over the bar, and place "musicians" randomly about the place. These included:

  • Two guitarists, one playing a weird fretless guitar
  • Two drummers
  • Two (roving) saxophonists, one of whom was feeding his sax through a couple of effects pedals
  • An electric violinist
  • A cellist
  • A man playing a large conch shell inside a child's play thingy

OK, so, those were the things I could identify. There as also:

  • A man blowing up balloons between playing some perverted recorder-like things (this may have actually been Adam Simmons...)
  • A pair of un-attended xylophones being played by a number of small powered wheels and a number of vibrating devices which looked like the innards of, well, vibrators...
  • A man who was tearing up boxes and putting the pieces in pink plastic bags. Later he used tapes and crepe paper ribbons to make a kind of lumpen sculpture from them...
  • A guy who had a small metal rubbish bin, which was vibrating, on which he'd places some gravel and a marble, which he was then feeding through a mixing desk and a laptop
  • A xylophone-like instrument of asian origin which I couldn't identify
  • A woman playing a tiny squeaky little wind pipe, plus some other similar instruments
  • A guy playing a video game through an amp!
  • Various wanderers with tubes with funnels at one end and a mouth piece at the other, making farting sounds
  • A dude playing a collection of radios, tuned to different stations
  • A wandering guy who periodically shouted gibberish into a loud hailer
  • And finally (I think!) a guy who appeared to me constructing some kind of shrine from pieces of bark, a fake skull, egg shells, a couple of tins and pipes, plus various things he was pouring over the whole thing, including sand and ground coffee!!!!

The "music" sort of oscillated, as each performer made more less noise at whim. At one point the two drummers were competing from across the room, which was cool. Later there was a drum and two screeching saxophone moment... I wandered around Eventually, it all quieted down to just the odd squelch, and the shouting incoherent man shouted some more incoherent stuff... And it was over!

I spotted David Thrussell from Snog wandering about the place. And a few other familiar faces from previous What Is Music things.

On the way in, some guy was trying to get his money back, saying something about "this isn't at all my kind of thing!" Surely the billing out the front must have raised some questions for him!

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Hey, that music event sounds really interesting. I'm glad there is another gig this Saturday, hope I can make it.

On a musical note (hah!), have you heard of "That 1 Guy"? He plays an unusual home-made bit of metal & electronics, and is performing live this Wednesday 23rd of April @ Queensbridge Hotel. For more info check out: YouTube music video, MySpace song samples & official site.

That rings a vague bell.

I'm going to have to stay away from the gigs for a few months, starting a new job next week so I'm going to be busy giving a Good Impression...

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