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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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My Friday
Friday morning, I felt all chipper for some reason. I pottered around my flat, got offered a job, danced about, did tiny amounts of house cleaning. Deb came over to share my lunch of Roast Vegies, then I had another job interview, this time in Richmond. I thought it didn't go very well, but then they offered me a great position - go figure...

Friday night, I went to what must have been a 26th birthday do - how do I get invited to these things? Anyway, dude called Adrian who is friends with a couple of my friends, so I thought, what heck. It was in a little bar called Sister Bella, which was at the very end of Snider Lane, which is off Drewery Lane, which runs between Lonsdale and, er Little Lonsdale! Nice little bar, mostly upstairs, in a kind of "distressed" old warehouse building. Thus confirming my suspicion that there is a law in Melbourne that no funky space in the inner city shall remain without a bar in it! I can't keep up, which cleary indicates I'm old and should move to the suburbs :-)

Got to see Luna and Clive, which was ace. Luna had heart surgery a few weeks back, which would have been more scary if they hadn't done some kind of hip modern surgery, only given her a local, and gone in through a vein in her leg... I pictured huge scars all down her chest and stuff, but no...

Chatted to some folks, then bailed kinda early. Had to explain to some people that Deb was tired and cranky, so they'd have to get to meet her later... :-)