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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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More Comedy
The Dynamism of a Dog on a Lead
Hey all,

Haven't sat down and LJed for a few days, which is not to say I haven't been up to Stuff, far from it!

Thursday night, Deb and I dragged ourselves to more of the Comedy Festival. Deb really wanted to see How to Get Almost Anyone to Want to Sleep with You, and I really wanted to see Josh Earl (who is a librarian... ). The first show was on at Trades Hall at 8.30, the second was on at the Town Hall at 9.45PM. Could we make it to both??? Damn it, we wouldn't be from the most over-festivaled city in the world if we didn't try! We didn't even have tickets to "How to Get Almost Anyone to Want to Sleep with You", but we rocked up at Trades Hall anyway, and as luck would have it, there were tickets left and I even had time to eat some "Dinner" at the Trades hall bar.

"How to Get Almost Anyone to Want to Sleep with You" was really good value, really funny and surprising informative, I mean, if you were single and looking to attract attention, she had advice that might actually have helped.

That show ran a smidgen late, because so had the one before, so we were left with seven minutes to get from Trades Hall to the Town hall! We rushed to the tram stop, cursed it's every pause, and rushed into the Town Hall, up several flights of stairs, and made it only about five minutes late.

Josh is a funny guy. His show was about Tasmania and growing up in Burnie, complete with pictures. He did a really funny song which he used last year called "Bored Mum", a song about getting a long pointless phone call from your mother. Funny.