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Fuji The Car
Tram In Snow
My mother recently got a new car, after twenty years of driving her old one. I remember when she bought it new... It was (is) a 1988 Subaru DL Station Wagon, which I learnt to drive in. And is about a year older than my otherwise identical vehicle, color and stickers aside!

She got herself a Toyota Yaris(whatever that is) and tried to trade in her Subaru.

Guess how much she was offered as a trade in on her car?
Which means my car, being a little younger, is, in the eyes of car dealers, probably worth $110! That's less than I spent on it's last service! Gah! Ok, so, trade ins tend to be less than the market value of a car, but still, what an insult to Fuji the Wonder car. Why, the stickers alone would be worth more than that... Time I bought a bike... And/or a new car...

My mother's car is currently sitting in her back garden, while she works out what to do with it. Damn, it'd be worth more than that as scrap!
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If it's in working order, then I'm sure there'd be plenty of people willing to at least double the price, if not quintuple or decca-upple (?) it.

It's insured for way more than that for starters! Kinda scary that it's worth more as a burnt out wreck than as a car...

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