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La Weekend
Dancing Kitty
Things I did on the weekend: Saw Fear of a Brown Planet at the Comedy Festival. The first show I've made it to this festival. With the lovely Deb. Notable events: Andrew Denton was in the audience. I was going to chat to him, but I couldn't think of a worthy opening line. "Hi I've seen you on the telly" doesn't seem to cut it. Or "You were great on that Blah Blah Blah show. Done anything since?"

The show was great. I particularly liked the section about "Classes for White People", which included such subjects as "Don't compliment me on how well I speak English" and "Just because I'm in the service station doesn't mean I work here." Go see it, and indeed all the other shows - I insist!!!

What else did I get up to... Ah, things of some interest, which deserve an entry of their own.


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