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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Long Delayed Update
Hey all, sorry, haven't been a good blogger of late AT ALL. Events keep happening to me, of greater or lesser interest. I should really blog more of 'em...

Lets see... Biggest deal at the moment is I'm going to have to re-arrange my trip OS. I was planning to fly out on June 12th on a seven week trip literally around the world. However... I have four days of annual leave, and $4.80 in my "savings" account. And I need to change jobs rather soon... Damn it.

Anyway, the new plan goes something like this:

1. Get New Job
2. Move house, to share them pesky bills
2.1 Get a bike
3. Save my pennies, buy walking shoes, luggage etc.
4. Go round the world in March/April 2009. Yay!

BTW, I'm looking at three bedroom places in Northcote/Brunswick and surrounds. So far I only have one confirmed housemate, so... If anyone is looking for a room... We plan to get Cable internet :-)

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:((((( One less guest this year then :( I hope you find a good and interesting new job! :) *hugs* Polina

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