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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

New Gym Program.... I kicked my own butt!
Drawing of a trike
So I've been working out for just over twenty years now, for which I should get some kind of award - so many people join and then drop out after a couple of months.

I write my own programs these days, because in fact there's really not much to them. Your body has, what, five or so muscle groups, so as long as you're working them you're doing OK.

I do about twelve sessions for a given program, so it came time today to create a new one. I thought rather than more pyramid training I'd try something else. So I re-arranged my program, and started with working my biceps and triceps, rather than doing them last, and then rather than doing an arbitrary number of sets I'd just keep doing sets until I could go no more.

Turns out I'm stronger than I thought, but damn actually training to failure is tiring! By the time I'd done five sets of preacher curls (a type of Bicep exercise) of 50 pounds, I was genuinely fatigued. It all worked, but by the end of my session my body had pretty much decided it was done. I went to do the leg press, where I can usually do three sets of 420 pounds (that's about 190 kilos), my legs just went "yeah no we're done" and I barely managed to do ten repeats.

But it's good, my body now has that pleasant ache you get from getting decent exercise.