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Magritte's Pipe
I've been having some mighty weird dreams lately. I shudder to think what I should make of the one where my mother moved into a spare room at my girlfriends house!

Anyway, here are a couple I had last night.

Dream one: I was tasked with delivering something of great importance to Geelong. The object in question? A small wheel with a rubber tire, about eight centimetres in diameter. Search me why it was important, but there you go! I had to get there and back one morning, before work, by public transport. So I hopped on the train, delivered the wheel, then realised I'd made the whole journey barefoot. It seemed terribly important that I not go to work like that, so I had to go shopping before heading back to Melbourne. I managed to buy a pair of black socks, but then searched frantically through the centre of Geelong (which, in retrospect, looked more like a back street in Box Hill) trying to find a shoe shop which had a shoe I could wear. I did come across a couple, but there was always something wrong, the shoes wouldn't fit or something...

Dream number two: I can't really remember all of this one, but it did involve waiting in a basement for a lift with one of my cousins. Then it sort of changed scenes, and somehow there was an ocean liner involved. Not a large one, sort of a middle sized ocean liner, which was docking in something that looked like a larger version of Flinders Street Station. And somehow I knew that on board was a fairly successful woman of Indian extraction called Shakira or something like that (not even sure if that's an Indian sounding name, but it was a dream!) Anyway, she was balanced rather precariously on the back of the boat - the Stern I believe they call it! - when it suddenly changed direction (in the dream, the boat was reverse parking into the dock...) and she fell into the water. They had to fish her out in her wet Sari! Then Shakira, me and some other folks from the boat went out for a drink, to celebrate or something...

Now, what the heck was that all about???? Stupid brain, be more coherent.


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