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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Wednesday Night Freakout.
Drawing of a trike
Wednesday evening, new Girlfriend Deb dragged me to see a band at the East Brunswick. Which was fun and very silly, but not the main reason the night was memorable!

I've been trying rather lamely to keep Deb a secret. Without much success, although important people like my family don't know I'm seeing someone.

Deb and I were walking down her street, doing our usual thing - lots of affection, some arm and leg cuddles. When I saw a couple of figures coming around the corner...

"Oh fuck" I said "That's my dad and my brother!"

I'd know them anywhere... And since they also live in Brunswick I can't have been surprised. So I had to introduce em to each other. My dad said "What brings you to this part of the world?" And the best I could offer was "This is Deb..."

My dad and my bro had been at a restaurant around the corner from Deb's place - which they go to a lot. So again I shouldn't have been surprised.

Deb greatly enjoyed my discomfort and teased me all the way to the east brunswick. I explained I did plan to introduce her to these people, just not quite yet and not in that context!

Then... who should we spot at the East Brunnie? My friend Geoff... and my ex Miranda!?! I spotted her before she spotted me, and said:

"Oh fuck. That's my ex."

Thus giving Deb more of my discomfort to enjoy.

(Some history: I dated Miranda in 2001/2002. More recently, in fact in January, we were, ahem, fooling around again, just for the heck of it. She had gone OS for a few weeks, and in the mean time I got involved with Deb. I had neglected to tell Miranda about this which would have been polite...)

I introduced them to each other. The conversation went like this:
Deb: Hello
Miranda: Hey, didn't we do first year Pysch together?
Deb: Hey yeah!
Paul: *falls on floor*

They KNOW each other! In fact Miranda went to Deb's 21st! Deb has known Miranda longer than I have?!?! That's it, I'm moving to Niarobi!!!!! This shit keeps happening to me!

Deb greatly enjoyed this as well, and was scheming to befriend Miranda on Facebook to further freak me out....


(By the way, the band we saw were called Totally Gourdeous, they play exclusively instruments made from Gourds. They were very jolly, but obviously I remember other things from the evening!)