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Spent a large part of today at a wedding. Melody, who I used to share a cubicle with, got married today.

The ceremony itself was at the registry office in the old treasury building. I rushed in because I thought I was late. Turns out that for a change I was early, and that Meoldy was in the bridal party out the front having pictures taken!

I didn't recongise her in a wedding dress and without her glasses. She's also lost a lot of weight since I last saw her.

The ceremony was more or less the usual drill. Do you take so and so, with this ring etc. But... I found it strangely moving. Maybe it's the stressful weeks I've been having, but I found myself beaming and maybe a bit more happy with the world.

The reception wasn't till the early evening, so I had a few hours to kill. First order of business: get a wedding present! Oops. Still, all they wanted was a gift certificate, so that was easy.

Then I headed home for a few hours to do some much needed house cleaning, then hopped in the car to get down to a place on Queens Road for the reception. Ended up on a table with a bunch of my co-workers.

Melody's dad gave a really amusing speech which I can't adequately explain.

The highlight for me: they did the "throwing the garter" thing. Guess who caught it? Yep, me! What will my girlfriend of 5 weeks make of that? :-)

And then I scampered off to the Espy, where I sit now, waiting for The Drugs to go on... In about an hour... Waiting waiting waiting...


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