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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Three Months In Transit
Einstürzende Neubauten
Last year, November 21st no less, I won an auction on ye olde Ebay for a Revolting Cocks CD (as you do.)

I'm a patient man, but a month or so after the auction, I began to wonder where my CD had got to. Sent the seller a message. Two months later, I sent her another mesage, and then I started poking around on Ebay... And discovered that the seller in question had an ever decreasing feedback rating. Some really unhappy customers there!

She (er, well, actually, He - I was misled by the "trish" in his username) never responded to my messages. I've had stuff take ages to get here from the US, so two months from Canada over the holiday season didn't seem impossible. But given that I never heard from the seller... Anyway, I gave up on the eight bucks or so and left some negative feedback. I tried openning a dispute with PayPal, but you can only do that within 60 days of an auction - damn, I'm too patient.

So. Imagine my surprise when THREE MONTHS later, to the day, the CD turned up today at my desk! It wasn't actually posted till more than two weeks after the auction - looks like it was sent on the 7th of December. I'm trying to poke around on Ebay to see if I can at least change my feedback to neutral (three months is too bloody long, although it did go surface mail) but I don't think I can. Hmmmm.

And the really stupid thing is... I'd downloaded the album when I got sick of waiting for it... D'oh!

And better still... I don't really like it... Stupid impulse buying!!!!
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