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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Insert Excited Monkey Noises: Henry Rollins is Coming
What Would Henry Rollins Do?
Wooyay. Everyone's favourite angry brooding 47 year old boy Henry Rollins is coming to Australia (again). Friday the 18th of April and Saturday the 19th at the Comedy theatre, according to the tour page. Can't the tickets on sale anywhere yet, but if memory serves me right, the comedy theatre is usually handled by Ticketek.

Now, does the Henry Rollins tragic go both nights, or just the one?????

Speaking of the comedy theatre, Keating! the musical is playing there again at the moment. Do I go see it again? Or should I simply stay at home and nurse the hole in my credit card?

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I love his descriptions of his very memorable tour of Australia with Black Flag on "Human Butt." Aptly entitled "The Adventures Of An Asshole."

Didn't know Black Flag ever toured here. But given that Henry comes here so often he might as well just get on with it and immigrate, I'm not surprised.

It does sound like he used to routinely get into fights at gigs. Jolly. The only time I ever saw the Rollins Band, he was certainly throwing some people around, but they were stage divers who deserved it!

Both nights, because you know he won't repeat material.

You make a strong argument. I will have to find some space on my credit card (and someone mad enough to come with me!)

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