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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Three Years and Five Days In the Flat Of....
Dancing Kitty
A minor anniversary passed a few days back, which I should note.

I've been in my flat in Northcote for three years now. Moved in around the 4th or 5th of Feb. (er, wait, might have been as late as the 12th or so) in 2005. Wow. Seems like a long time ago, especially since I saw it at a temporary place I'd crash for a while, till I got my shit together.

In fact, for the first six months or more I really felt like I was in a hotel. Something about the one bedroom-ness of the place reminded me of the hotel rooms my companies used to dump me in when I was traveling for them. It took me months to properly unpack all my stuff - longer even. When I moved in, I literally dumped a pile of boxes and furniture in one end of the living room. It formed a solid lump, taking up a good 20% of the place.

I'm also remembering how I ended up there. I'd been living with... the African Princess, shall we say - down in North Caulfield. I didn't take to the southern suburbs, and we didn't take to being engaged. The summer of 2004-2005 was rough, until one day in late January, I'd had enough. So suddenly I needed a place to live.

I had a quick look to see what rents were like in the city (shite, although they're even worse now) so instead looked back in my old stomping ground of Northcote. The ad for my flat had a picture of the view from the window - which was great - so I called up about it on the Monday. I think I was on holiday... Anyway, looked at on that Monday afternoon, applied for it straight away, and was offered it on the Tuesday! First place I looked at, and I got it straight away! Those were the days.

My dad and my brother helped me move, and here I am three years later, still there. Three years is almost as long as I shared my previous house in Northcote. And given my plans to move back into a share house seem to have fallen apart, looks like I'll be there a while longer.

I should also add that I wasn't alone in the place for long. Shared it with... another woman... from about the end of 2005 till October of last year. There may also have been a couple of cats for a period there :-)

Still haven't had a housewarming party. I did, memorably have six people over for brunch once. Also managed to have two queen sized beds in the place between buying the futon and selling the huuuuuge too-soft bed to a New Zealander.

Dear oh dear, I do have an odd memory for random anniversaries...
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