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Drawing of a trike
Damn, I've got to start reading some more happy books... I have a terrible tendency to read dense and miserable non fiction. Which is probably why I went through a long stage last year of reading some marvelously escapist sci fi.

Some recent examples: A history of the Dieppe Raid in WWII (complete balls up in 1942 which ended with 6000 dead Canadian soldiers), the "love story" Ali and Nino, set in 1920's Azerbijan. And at the moment, the huge tome "The Clash of Civilizations" by a very experienced british journalist who has lived in the middle east for decades.

This last one, I actually had to put down. Usually I can handle reading about the most extraordinary brutality without getting too squemish. But...One particular situation he describes - in this case the way the old Shah of Iran's secret police tortured it's prisoners - really disturbed me. More than the Afghan wars he witnessed, more than his interview with a certain Bin Laden. Really actively made me wince and worry about what we humans are capable of...

Probably a good thing, this response.

So, I had to put it down. Along with a memoirs of a "dope fiend" and whatever else I'm notionally reading. Time to get some more comics or maybe it's time to reread some Isaac Asimov which I haven't read since I was a spotty teenager :-)

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"The Clash of Civilizations" was on my shopping list for at least two years now, but I can't decide if I'll be able to get through it.

Would I be able to borrow it from you (and billion other books) once I'm back in Melbourne and have time to read? (insert some mad laughter here)

It's heavy going. I've actually given up on it for the moment, mostly because it was freaking me out.

I have thousands of books, and you know where to find me :-)

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