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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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Off To The Trade Show
Dancing Kitty
This morning I went to a bit of an exhibition/conference thing at the exhibition centre. VALA for those following at home - a Victoria Libraries thing - thrillsville!

There was a number of our competitors there (I work for a library company) so I thought I'd go and scope out what they were up to. I thought I'd keep it quiet, see what I could learn from them...

Of course, I fell at the first hurdle - the first question everyone asks is "where are you from?" for which I didn't have a prepared answer. Well, I could have said "I'd rather not say" but noooooooo, I told them straight out who I work for *slaps head*. So of course after that they're hardly going to tell me stuff!

Ah well, I probably mostly missed out on some marketing spin.