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Henry Rollins
What Would Henry Rollins Do?
Scary. It's Henry Rollins' birthday in a few days (February 13th).

He'll be turning forty seven.

And I thought I was old... Man, when these angry young men of Rock start approaching retirement age. Jello Biafra is 49...

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the cover of some women's mag spoke to me in the checkout line yesterday. I opened it to find Michael Hutchence's mother - she was extra sad to hear that Heath Ledger had died on what would have been Hutchence's 48th birthday.


So how old was he when he "killed" himself then?

Also... That's a fairly random coincidence...

we-ell, he died in November 1997 (it was the day my friends nd I went out for dinner to celebrate the end of the HSC!)... So, he'd have been 37 - almost 38? (How's my maths?)

Yeah, you must have passed HSC maths :-)

So he must have been in his 20's when he was in Dogs In Space....

I'm gonna have to claim 'before my time' on that one.

Ditto. I only saw it in about 2004... :-)

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