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Send My Conscience Home in a Taxi

Externalised Memory

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My Sisters' (Non) Blog
Magritte's Pipe
I was chatting to my sister today one Skype, and she mentioned popping out to a local coffee shop for a Latte. A charity run coffee shop run by a well meaning christian group... in Kabul. I demanded photographs.

Then I demanded that she finally start a blog, or at least something on Flickr or somewhere. I pointed out that my blog was all "my cat did this, my cat did that. I went out to a bar."

Whereas hers could go "Locked down in the green zone again because someone bombed a hotel in the center of town." And then every now and then she sends me pictures like this:

Dead Russian Helicopter (Click it for more bigger...)

Which is of course the sort of thing I see EVERY DAY on the way to work!!! Maybe we should start a petition... :-)

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Yeah! Let's start a petition. I'd read it for sure!

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